Chatham Islands

Chatham Islands based brokers: Martie Gregory-Hunt


Martie Gregory-Hunt
Chatham Islands,

Tel: 03 305 0458
Mob: 027 399 7638 or 03 687 4440

Martie grew up on Pitt Island, where his family still farms today. Like most Chatham and Pitt Island children, he was sent to boarding school on the Mainland for his high school years. Upon leaving school, he moved to the North Island and worked for a shearing gang. For the next eight years, Martie found himself employed on sheep and beef fattening properties in the Hawke’s Bay, before returning to the Chathams. Back home, he managed a farm for two years and spent time on the fishing boats. Martie then spent the next 5 years servicing our clients in the North Otago area. He has now returned home to the Chatham Islands, but will miss the opportunity of supporting his family on the sports fields.

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